jewellery SOLUTION

Jewellery Is The Solution

Which Take Care Of Pain Areas Of Jewelery Industry Where Any Generic ERP Does Not Provide Adequate Answers To The Demand Of The Diligence

DSVC started development of the solution with some prominent jewellery Solution industry leaders for almost three years and after extensive studying of the industry needs and the pain areas, carefully designed the features and validation on top of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP for SMB market, focusing on Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution with a huge install base of 110,000 worldwide.

DSVC provides tested and accepted solutions to all the business needs, including those unique to the jewellery industry and with Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes a complete, reliable and scalable ERP solution.

The crafting of DSVC has been done with keeping in mind, return on investment and savings in the form of improved efficiency, resource analysis, metal/stone tracking and least but not the last in the features list the metal losses which incurred in several stages of jewellery manufacturing.

To give you a quick peek in the features of DSVC, which makes DSVC outstanding are, design bank, pricing, sales pricing based on customer with more features for pricing, multiple metals design pricing and manufacturing, past-present-future pricing scope.

The manufacturing module by DSVC is developed and extended on with Microsoft NAV manufacturing module. DSVC manufacturing module take care of each processes of from waxing until finished goods, including stone room and employee transactions.

The features of DSVC are capable enough to be your single integrated solutions that connects all the departments and provides a wide scope of analytical and reporting tools for your citizenry to remain informed and acquire a confident determination to help drive business success.