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Client Profile from WWF Indonesia

WWF Indonesia is one of the largest oil organizations in Indonesia that has started since 1962. After that, WWF Indonesia officially became a national institution incorporated Foundation In the 1998.

WWFIndonesia is an independent foundation registered under Indonesian law. as well as, Managed by the Board of Trustees consisting of the Advisory Board, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board. This board functions as an institution that determines the strategic direction and credibility of WWF-Indonesia. Board members share institutional responsibilities through operational committees. The two committees that are under development are the Funding and Investment Committee and the Program Committee.

Currently, WWF Indonesia has 28 offices in 17 provinces in Indonesia. WWF collaborates and partners with communities, NGOs, the media, business, universities and governments both at the regional and national levels. Supported by more than 500 personnel. Since 2006, WWFIndonesia has supported more than 64.000 supporters spread all over the city of Nusantara.

Typical Features of Transactions and Work Flow Processes in the NGO Industry (Non-Government Organization) declared a system to be made specifically (Major Cuztom).

So, wwf Indonesia has a vision and mission in the implementation of ERP, as follows :

  • Making Reports to Donors Faster and Transparent
  • Efficient on Employee Administration
  • Accountable, Transparent

Project Title WWF Indonesia

Firstly, the title of the project for WWF is NGO with ERP Concept. Because, WWF is very concerned with SOP and effectiveness in operations, Technology is believed to be very helpful in day-to-day operations.

Therefore, Working quickly and efficiently makes WWF continue to innovate in the development of its system. so that, Mobile Application with Android and IOS platform has been implemented to support Operational activities.

The Solution

The Implementation

Firstly, Implementation for Financial Management include:

  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Inventory

  • Sales Reservation
  • Purchase
  • Grand Management
  • Travel Advance

Meanwhile, Project WWFindonesia through 3 phases:

  • Finance / Accounting and Procurement
  • Grand Management
  • Mobile Application


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