Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management often called CRM, CRM system, or CRM software is a hybrid business solution that can increase sales and marketing efficiency. then, Think of it as a powerful set of tools, apps, and platforms that in combination drive optimization of business intelligence, social insights, campaign management, and many other key customer relationship matters.


Sell Effectively form Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are now more savy, they make purchase decisions even before interacting with you. Your sales team must adapt to new customer experience, build deeper relationships with customers, and personalize each interaction. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we will help you redefine sale on the new customer experience. You can target your sales staff, winning customers more quickly, and sell more. Sales features include Cellular sales, Account management, Social insights, Collaborative sales, Analytical sales.


The service is widespread

Social facilities and mobile has transformed customer service expectations. so, Customers expect quality serviceand personalized as desired, across the web, social networks, mobile devices, and phones. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can earn loyal customers by providing the relevant services at once personalized, anytime and through any channel. Empower your agents by providing everything needed at their fingertips in order to provide satisfactory customer service. Service features include multi-line services, Integrated Services Division, Case management companies, knowledge center, Social Customer Service.


Smart Decuision

Marketing is changing faster than ever. Marketing staff should know more the customer experience and theneed to engage customers in new ways through new channels to deliver an extraordinary experience, as well as record the results of their marketing investments. Features include marketing, campaign management, prospect management, marketing resource management, social marketing, marketing Analytical.

CRM from PT. Mikro Sinergi Informatika answers all these challenges, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps that we created provides all the needs to manage sales and services (for all businesses). This application is integrated with the Cloud System.

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