Financial for Plantation

Financial for Plantation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Plantation Management System

In a global Plantation market that meet the demands of a rapidly growing and competitive. So, We provide integrated solutions plantation management using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Also, Automates the process of plantation Financial operations, increase efficiency, improve management controls and streamlining all costs with providing some reports direct reports into actionable operational, production and spending quickly, easily, efficiently and effectively.


End to end Agribusiness ERP

firstly, An integrated and comprehensive ERP solution designed to meet the need for global agribusiness.


Plantation Configurable for Multi-Crops

Further, Compile for complex organizational business structures including several subsidiaries, business units, legal entities, plants, languages ​​and currencies.


Deploy On Cloud / On Premise

last, Choose between on-cloud or on-premise models that are based on infrastructure, technology needs and for long-term growth plans.

Integrated Business Processes

Align technology with your business strategy. because plantations cover key processes supported by modern ERP systems. So, this increases operational efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of core business activities through industry best practice.


Designed to help you function easily. Coupled with plantation workflow defines a sequence of activities that can be automatically or manually assigned to users or sets of users who will help complete the task.

Integrates with hand-held devices

Integrated with handheld devices. then the Tracks and capturing details of the Field make it easy for the presence of labor, crop harvesting and material consumption.

Business Analytics

Business insight to make the right decision. Therefore, Plantation Business Analytics empowers business users to quickly generate reports with options to define various report templates. for instance, interface in various dashboard formats helps users at different levels in the company to make reports that are specific to their needs.

Access data anywhere

Make decisions faster and smarter anywhere. Therefore, Allows real time data access via mobile and tablet devices to determine productivity, monitor sales, track attendance fields, analyze financial data, and measure employee performance.

Featured Modules

Complete plantation management solution. Offer unique plantation functions and clear visibility in fields related to real activities. Including post-harvest and storage processing, material management, marketing and distribution, supporting finance and accounting, HR and payroll, logistics, and budget.

So, how can we improve your business performance?


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