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Guru Consulting provides ERP Implementation service. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner with Microsoft Business Solution Competency. because We hold scalable and extremely customizable ERP software named Microsoft Dynamics 365.

On this software you will find a best practice concept of business process and a wider corridor for you to customize at the same time. We are not only hold the software we also have consultants who are having a deep understanding on business processes and system itself

The Power of Methodology

Where is the payback?

So, The tone is often heard in ERP Implementation. You have paid a big numbers of money during the implementation, from buying integrated business software, infrastructure software, infrastructure hardware telecommunication hardware, paying man days for your consultants, taking a lot of your resources and time and so forth. but what you expect is not like reality.

Physical inventory doesn’t match your virtual, so customers complain and your warehouse looks messy, poorly managed, paid accounts, etc. When all bad things happened, you can list all of your excuses, from management policy to your unready employees, or you can blame your unreliable infrastructures.

But one thing you have very sure before you start implementation is do your consultant has a thorough implementation methodology?

three gear Implementation


MSI Methodology

Methodology is a half of implementation itself, a good and strong method will help you plan, verify, guide and finish your implementation project as well.

MSI methodology is a neat hybrid combination between formal methodology and intensive experiences. Formal methods and experience are needed to find out what is ideal for use. Our methodology does not only focus on some sequential and systematic steps to make the system fit, but we do realize that implementation solution also means empowering people and organization. Therefore, for each systematic step, we try to pay attention on what kind of interaction should be developed.

Guru’s Methodology starts from Diagnosis Phase to Analysis Phase

MSI Methodology starts from Diagnosis Phase to Analysis Phase. At these first two phases the Explorative Interaction between key person of consultants and key person of client is required in order to capture all existing condition including all of the problems occurred when using the old system.

So, at this stage we transfer our deliverables like Preliminary Requirement Analysis, Gap Analysis, and Project Charter at Diagnosis Phase, Business Process Analysis, Use Case, and Conceptual Design at Analysis Phase. Afterwards, we are go one step ahead to Design Phase then Development & Testing Phase. These second two phases involve an intensive internal interaction of consultants. After they have captured all the things from previous phases. Now, the consultants try to discover and to formulate the best solution to be delivered.

At design phase the conceptualizations of solutions are described by model. And then develop the model to become a ready to use objects. And vice versa, the model also beneficial to verify whether the object is created well or not.

Deliverables like Interface Architecture, Entity Relationship Diagram, UML or DFD will be transferred at design phase. While Coding Script/Objects,   Detailed  Design  Specification,   Setup  Checklist,   User Acceptance Testing. And Training & User Manual will be delivered at Development & Testing Phase.

The last Phases are Deployment and Operation Support

The last Phases are Deployment and Operation Support. at these phases the complete interaction between Consultant, Client, and System need to be established.

Both of consultants and client have to work together to handle the system. accordingly, You can see our Implementation Methodology Scheme on the picture below.


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