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Client Profile from CARE Indonesia

CareCARE’s presence in Indonesia began in May 1967 as CARE International Indonesia with initial activities covering food distribution, school feeding programs, and small infrastructure projects in Central Java. In the 1980’s CARE’s programme focus expanded to include community development, particularly in health, environment and water and sanitation.

As a humanitarian agency, CARE consistently engaged in emergency responses to various disasters that hit the country, including some major ones such as El Niño, the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, Padang and Yogyakarta earthquakes, and the most recent one, the Palu earthquake-tsunami. Through its humanitarian responses, CARE had gained a well-respected standing in the humanitarian and development community in Indonesia. and had many examples of success in influencing government at various levels where it had also some successes in multiplying the impact of its work by promoting the replication of successful programming approaches. Today our work in Indonesia focuses on emergency response, disaster risk management and gender justice & social inclusion.

As part of CARE’s global commitment to diversification and local capacity strengthening, Yayasan CARE Peduli was created in July 2018 as the national entity to continue CARE’s presence in Indonesia. This transition allows greater alignment of CARE’s programmes with national priorities, impactful and sustainable programming with high local ownership, and strengthen our commitment to localization through investing in and building local capacity.

ERP is a method of using computer technology to link various functions such as accounting, inventory control, and human resources across an entire company.

So to make it easy for Yayasan CARE Peduli to control and record all the data they start by implementing the ERP on their software. Yayasan CARE Peduli has visions and missions in the implementation of ERP such as :

  1. Making Reports to Donors Faster and Transparant
  2. Increased efficiency and effectively on employee administration
  3. Improved Department collaboration

Project Title Yayasan CARE Peduli

The project for Yayasan CARE Peduli is NGO with ERP Concept. Technology is believed to be very helpful in day-to-day operations and help make reports to donors faster and transparant

Therefore, Working quickly and efficiently makes Yayasan CARE Peduli continue to innovate in the development of its system. So that, Mobile Application with Android has been implemented to support Operational activities.

The Solution

The Implementation

Implementation for grant and program management include

  • Proposal to donors
  • Agreement with donors
  • Document management
  • Document Monitoring

Implementation for finance management include

  • Travel advance
  • Settlement travel advance
  • Travel Authorization
  • Project Advance
  • Settlement Project Advance
  • General Advance
  • Settlement General Advance
  • Reimbursement
  • General Payment
  • General Cash Receipt
  • Petty Cash Replenishment
  • General Journal
  • Bank account reconciliations

Implementation for procurement include

  • Purchase requisition
  • Purchase quote
  • Bid analysis
  • Purchase order

Meanwhile, Project Yayasan CARE Peduli through 6 phases:

  • Grant or Program Management
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Hardware
  • Data Migration
  • Mobile application

What Client Say About Us

Program Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central merupakan produk software yang adaptif dan mampu menjawab kebutuhan terhadap sistem terintegrasi berbasis ERP yang diperlukan oleh organisasi sosial seperti Yayasan CARE Peduli, dalam mendukung misi sosial kemanusiaan ditengah ekosistem bisnis yang modern dan dinamis.  Kami bermitra dengan PT. Mikro Sinergi Informatika untuk pengembangan sistem ini sejak perencanaan hingga deployment didukung oleh Manajemen dan Staff yang profesional dan memiliki kompetensi teknis yang mumpuni.  Selain itu PT. Mikro Sinergi Informatika mampu menjembatani kebutuhan klien secara customer friendly dan fleksibilitas dalam memberikan dukungan teknis paska deployment sesuai dengan kebutuhan kami walaupun dalam situasi pandemi saat ini dengan tetap menerapkan protokol kesehatan secara patuh.  Melalui kemitraan dengan PT. Mikro Sinergi Informatika, kami optimis untuk mampu berkembang dan secara konsisten meningkatkan kualitas proses operasional di lembaga kami.

Luki Kurniawan (CARE Peduli)

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